Rethinking History

Culturally mature perspective—particularly with the inclusion of the concept of Reengagement—makes possible a deeper and more meaning-filled understanding of history. Reengagement invites us to revisit not just certain of history’s facts, but also modern notions of what constitutes history. Oscar … Read More


From Cultural Maturity: A guidebook for the Future: Essential leadership tasks: Educators have front-line responsibility in Cultural Maturity’s changes. They must teach the capacities necessary to life in a culturally mature world. They must also inspire the courage and commitment … Read More

Kinds of Limits

Adapted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future: Below I’ve divided new limits into five broad categories—physical/ environmental limits; economic limits; limits related to leadership and governance; social/psychological limits; and limits inherent to our modern definition of progress. These … Read More

Beyond Ideology — excerpted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future

Adapted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future: Cultural Maturity challenges us to leave behind easy answer solutions, particularly those of an ideological sort, and think and act in more nuanced ways. Ideology in times past has served to … Read More

How will we come to understand life—and death—in the future? (given that in the future we will likely be able to keep people alive almost indefinitely).

The future will require a new, more mature relationship with death, and through this ultimately with life.  Dramatic changes lie ahead in how we relate to death, changes that will present both fascinating new possibilities and wrenching new moral quandaries. … Read More

How, for times ahead, do we best conceive of progress? (if progress in the future is to produce real human advancement)

Modern civilization’s definition of progress—new inventions and economic growth—has brought untold wonders—from the printing press, to the steam engine, to today’s computer revolution.   But projected into the future unaltered, its “onward and upward” imagery becomes questionable at best.  We … Read More

How do we keep from destroying ourselves? (as weapons of mass destruction become ever more widely available)

The genie is out of the bottle.  Most nations, if not now, then in the very near future, will have ready access to weapons of mass destruction—nuclear, chemical, biological.  And increasingly, such deadly capability is becoming available not just to … Read More

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