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This YouTube channel invites people to ask questions of cultural psychiatrist and futurist Charles M. Johnston. Dr. Johnston’s contribution is unusual among futurists in that his focus is ourselves. While he has interest in the role of technologies, most his concern lies with how we think and the choices we make, both as individuals and collectively.

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—New Educational Video Series—

Charles Johnston is in the process of putting together a new video series that addresses some of the more important implications of culturally mature perspective and leadership and also aspects of Creative Systems Theory that have particular direct implications for our time. The initial contributions follow:

1) The Challenge of Cultural Maturity: Making Sense of Our Time presents a brief introduction to the concept of Cultural Maturity and its power as a tool for providing needed guidance as we look to the future.


2) The Origins (and Implications) of Creative Systems Theory describes how CST came to be and how appreciating the theory’s origins helps clarify possible confusions and also provides important insight into the theory’s contribution in the larger story of understanding.


3) What Cultural Maturity Is Not: A Comparative Look at Different Views of What the Future Asks of Us.

We can learn a lot about the concept of Cultural Maturity by comparing and contrasting its conclusions with other ways of thinking about the times in which we live and the tasks ahead.


—The Evolution of Narrative—

Charles Johnston was recently asked to answer a series of questions on the evolution of narrative and its implications for Cultural Maturity for the “Humanities Department” project. His answers can be found at:https://vimeo.com/120410102

—Historically Important Videos—

The following videos are of historical importance. Each also marks a major theoretical contribution. Creative Systems Theory had its beginnings 40 years ago. At various times over the course of its development, different aspects have gotten greatest emphasis. They were also often then documented in particularly interesting and nuanced ways.

The Creative Systems Personality Typology

This sequence of videos was recorded the first time Dr. Johnston formally presented the Creative Systems Theory’s temperament framework, the Creative Systems Personality Typology (in 1984). (See www.CSPTHome.org for a detailed description of the typology.)

Part #1    www.youtube.com/watch?v=baHjqFj8xjY

Part #2   www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijFduA9JKLg

Part #3  www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLBTZoMc3uE

An Evolutionary History of Music

This video sequence is excerpted from a day-long presentation done by Dr. Johnston once each year during the Institute for Creative Development’s initial bricks and mortar years. It uses the history of music to illustrate—and provide a deep immersion into—the “Patterning in Time” (developmental) aspects of Creative Systems Theory. It was recorded in 1995.) (See www. Evolmusic.org for a more detailed description of the presentation and reflections on its significance.)

Intro and Pre-Axial Stage:






Late-Axis and Multi-Layered:


Transition and Integrative Stages:



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