Whole Person/Whole System Identity and Relationship — General Concept


Identity and relationship in times past have been systemically partial, based on projection and mythologized perception. Cultural Maturity offers the possibility of more systemic complete, Whole Person/Whole System identity and relationship.

This change takes its most encompassing form in the new, more mature relationship between the individual and culture that becomes possible when we leave behind perceiving culture as a symbolic parent. Individuality comes to have a new, more explicitly systemic meaning.

But Whole Person/Whole System identity and relationship manifests at all systemic levels.  For example, at a large systemis level, Whole Person/Whole System dynamics offer the possibility of relationships between nations that step beyond the chosen-people/evil-empire dynamics of times past. They also make possible a newly mature relationship to leadership—the ability to see leaders not as symbols, but as simply people doing difficult jobs. In addition they offer the possibility of more mature conceptions of community, friendship, and love.