Dan Senour asks about the application of the concept of Cultural Maturity to the future of Israel

From Dan Senour, concerning “Beyond Need for Evil Other” post: “It is interesting that the death of Osama Bin Laden has generated some talk of ending ‘evil other’ attitudes and policies.  I am currently in Tel Aviv Israel where some of the most powerful ‘evil other’ cultures continues. However, due to the policy of inviting jews from anywhere to imigrate, there is also a fairly diverse cultural mix. History is very evident and compressed in the physical surroundings. To continue the demonizing of others is not a practical tactic for survival. That might be more pressingly obvious here than most places. What will be the outcome? Clearly things are in motion. What sort of ‘story’ will come to be here? How will such be similar to stories from other regions? Can a Culturally Mature perspective take hold?”

CJ:  Somehow it must.  Given broader changes in the Middle East, it is essential that the Isreali/Palistinian conflict find resolution. Further deterioration could badly undermine potential progress in other parts of the region.  And real progress could have the opposite effect in dramatic fashion–provided a model for the possible. The present situation there is not pretty. But there is certainly the potential for something very different with the right leadership.



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