The Myth of the Individual

Excerpted from Hope and the Future Because Whole-Person/Whole-System relationship requires that we reincorporate projections, it also requires us to revisit how we think about human identity. Being an individual must now involve more fully recognizing and holding the whole of … Read More

Taboo Truths

The concept of Cultural Maturity highlights how the critical tasks before us as a species require that we think and act in newly sophisticated ways. We can appreciate this challenge by noting how often today’s essential questions demand that we … Read More

Beyond Culture as Parent: The Radical Change that Gives the Concept of Cultural Maturity It’s Name

To fully grasp what culturally mature awareness and leadership ask of us, it is important to appreciate what ultimate defines it. We can think of Cultural Maturity in terms of today’s increasingly demanding challenges and the greater sophistication needed to … Read More

Cultural Maturity. Limits, and Uncertainty

Adapted from Cultural Maturity—A Guidebook for the Future Limits and uncertainty link most directly in the critically importance of confronting limits to what we as humans can predict and control. Cultural Maturity alerts us to how the circumstances around an … Read More

Progress with Maturely Addressing Complexity

Adapted from Cultural Maturity—A Guidebook for the Future Understanding of a more complex sort is not just needed, it is possible. Indeed we already see numerous complexity-related changes. Today’s endlessly multifaceted realities often overwhelm us. But our ability to engage … Read More

Ideology, Complexity, and Myths of Limitlessness

Adapted from Cultural Maturity—A Guidebook for the Future The language of complexity provides a particularly helpful frame for understanding the gift that confronting inviolable limits ultimately gives us. Confronting limits successfully makes complexity newly visible, and specifically the more “living,” … Read More

Whole System Relationship—Limits to What One System Can Be for Another

Adapted from Cultural Maturity—A Guidebook for the Future Cultural Maturity confronts us repeatedly with limits inherent to what any kind of system can be for another. Such limits are themselves not new, but Whole-Person/Whole-System relationship requires a level of conscious … Read More

Polar Traps

Adapted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future The recognition that culturally mature perspective “bridges” common polar assumptions points us toward a simple,  yet powerful comparison tool. Ideas that don’t successfully “bridge”—and there are lots of ways this can happen—necessarily … Read More

Sarah Stanwood poses a “perhaps inappropriate” question about the most recent presidential election

Sarah Stanwood asks; “This may be an inappropriate question, but I’m interested in who you supported in the presidential election. I know Cultural Maturity doesn’t take sides as far as the political left and political right.  But you also make … Read More

The Digital Revolution and Cultural Maturity: Synergies and Traps

People often ask me how I see the relationship between Cultural Maturity and the digital revolution. It is a multifaceted and informative relationship. On one hand, the relationship is close and mutually positive. No sphere of technical advancement is likely … Read More


Adapted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future   Capacitance is the second of Creative Systems Theory primary Whole System patterning concepts (the first being the Questions of Referent). It refers to a person’s overall capacity to take in, … Read More

Whole Person/Whole System Identity and Relationship — General Concept

  Identity and relationship in times past have been systemically partial, based on projection and mythologized perception. Cultural Maturity offers the possibility of more systemic complete, Whole Person/Whole System identity and relationship. This change takes its most encompassing form in … Read More

Projection and Whole Person/Whole System Identity and Relationship

Adapted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future Identity and relationship in times past have been of a specifically two-halves-makes-a whole sort. By giving parts of ourselves away for safekeeping, we’ve protected ourselves from the full complexity of natures … Read More

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