Polar Traps

Adapted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future The recognition that culturally mature perspective “bridges” common polar assumptions points us toward a simple,  yet powerful comparison tool. Ideas that don’t successfully “bridge”—and there are lots of ways this can happen—necessarily … Read More

Sarah Stanwood poses a “perhaps inappropriate” question about the most recent presidential election

Sarah Stanwood asks; “This may be an inappropriate question, but I’m interested in who you supported in the presidential election. I know Cultural Maturity doesn’t take sides as far as the political left and political right.  But you also make … Read More

The Digital Revolution and Cultural Maturity: Synergies and Traps

People often ask me how I see the relationship between Cultural Maturity and the digital revolution. It is a multifaceted and informative relationship. On one hand, the relationship is close and mutually positive. No sphere of technical advancement is likely … Read More


Adapted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future   Capacitance is the second of Creative Systems Theory primary Whole System patterning concepts (the first being the Questions of Referent). It refers to a person’s overall capacity to take in, … Read More

Whole Person/Whole System Identity and Relationship — General Concept

  Identity and relationship in times past have been systemically partial, based on projection and mythologized perception. Cultural Maturity offers the possibility of more systemic complete, Whole Person/Whole System identity and relationship. This change takes its most encompassing form in … Read More

Projection and Whole Person/Whole System Identity and Relationship

Adapted from Cultural Maturity: A Guidebook for the Future Identity and relationship in times past have been of a specifically two-halves-makes-a whole sort. By giving parts of ourselves away for safekeeping, we’ve protected ourselves from the full complexity of natures … Read More

Rethinking History

Culturally mature perspective—particularly with the inclusion of the concept of Reengagement—makes possible a deeper and more meaning-filled understanding of history. Reengagement invites us to revisit not just certain of history’s facts, but also modern notions of what constitutes history. Oscar … Read More


From Cultural Maturity: A guidebook for the Future: Essential leadership tasks: Educators have front-line responsibility in Cultural Maturity’s changes. They must teach the capacities necessary to life in a culturally mature world. They must also inspire the courage and commitment … Read More

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